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At The Men’s Center in Charleston, SC, you’ll be evaluated & treated by a board-certified urologist with 17 years of experience treating men’s health issues in the Lowcountry.

Dr. Dennis “Denny” Kubinski has made the move into a men’s only clinic that has been carefully & thoughtfully designed to increase the quality of life for men.

The Men’s Center is the culmination of years of thought about how best to have a positive impact on the lives & lifestyles of men—as a dude trying to help other dudes.


Sexual Health(1)

With a urologic career spanning nearly 2 decades,
Dr. K’s expertise is MEN.

Dr. Kubinski has a particular interest in men’s health & extensive experience treating sexual dysfunction as well as prostate issues including enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. All of these issues are intertwined—something  Dr. Kubinski not only understands but knows how to effectively manage. Safe and responsible management of testosterone optimization is critical.
In addition to testosterone optimization therapy, The Men’s Center offers an integrative approach to prostate health, utilizing both conventional medications as well as alternative approaches such as supplements and dietary modification. All new patient visits will include an ultrasound to assess bladder emptying, a full urologic physical exam, and any necessary laboratory studies followed by a relaxed & comfortable conversation geared towards addressing the lifestyle issues most important to the patient.
Additionally, The Men’s Center offers a prostate cancer coaching & second opinion service for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
prostate health

This organ, which after reproductive years serves no significant purpose, can be a real nuisance. We’ll discuss prostate cancer risk factors, screening, & prevention, as well as medications AND supplements that can keep your prostate healthy & reduce annoying urinary symptoms that occur as the prostate ages.

Testosterone levels can affect sex drive, muscle mass, energy, and mood. We have the knowledge & mindset to most safely and responsibly optimize testosterone levels, while simultaneously evaluating the effects of testosterone on the prostate.

I will review all of your records, your history, your pathology & radiology reports,  and we can then discuss your options & take as long as you need to feel more supported, informed, & comfortable with your treatment plan. I’ll help you decide what’s best for YOU.

Sexual health & dysfunction is specifically within the skillset of a urologist. This includes erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and premature ejaculation. We will offer the full spectrum of options.

At The Men’s Center, no patient will feel rushed. We aim to make what most men consider awkward conversations comfortable and easy.

We will also dispense in-house medications & supplements for erectile dysfunction & prostate health right out of the office or ship them directly to you, eliminating the need for trips to the pharmacy for patients who desire this service.

And don’t miss The Shop—our in-office shop stocked with the above-mentioned medications as well as sexual aids & a hand-curated variety of treatment options for sexual, hormonal & prostate health. The Shop is open to patients and non-patients alike (with the exception of prescription medications, which can only be prescribed to patients of The Men’s Center). Dr. Kubinski has carefully selected an assortment of supplements from reputable companies that can serve as an alternative or complement to traditional medicine for a variety of men’s health concerns.

Dr. K is excited to bring The Men’s Center to the Lowcountry & do things his own way with unhurried appointments, a comfortable office with an all male clinical staff, a holistic approach rooted in science & medicine, & an unencumbered doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Kubinski's vision of a one-stop shop
for men’s health is here:

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