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We’re not here to just check the boxes. We’re here to connect the dots.

The Men’s Center does not accept insurance, but accepts all major credit cards as well as HSA and FSA cards. Our prices are transparent and easy to understand, giving you the power to tailor your own care as you see fit.

This direct care model is the reason you won’t have 10  minute hurried appointments at The Men’s Center.

men's health visit
comprehensive men’s health blood test panel
ultrasound bladder scan to assess for prostate or bladder issues
review of records
full urologic exam
body composition scan
unrushed, relaxed discussion of your sexual, hormonal &/or prostate health goals
one month of an oral medication offered in our clinic (ED or prostate medication)
follow up visit
follow up labs
full urologic exam
doctor visit
*Follow-up visits for patients enrolled in a subscription program are free (2 visits per year)
ED Fast Track visit
review of medical history, medications & symptoms
brief face to face visit with Dr. Kubinski to discuss risks & benefits of oral therapy for erectile dysfunction
purchase medications directly & discreetly from our office or get a prescription for your pharmacy
*You can walk out the door that day with your meds!
prostate cancer coaching
review of all records & reports
unrushed, thorough discussion to help you understand your particular cancer & outline the treatment options
education, support, & counseling
virtual or in-person visit
6 focused linear shockwave treatments
12 focused linear shockwave treatments
*Individual maintenance treatments (after 12 treatment course) - $250 each
$3500 per injection
Mesenchymal stem cell-derived Exosomes
$1500 for 2 Shots
Platelet Rich Plasma
6 Focused Linear Shockwave treatments
90 days of daily tadalafil (Cialis)
12 Focused Linear Shockwave treatments​
90 days of daily tadalafil (Cialis)

Other erectile dysfunction products we offer:

Tadalafil and Sildenafil

range from $1-2 per pill

Tri-mix and Bi-mix injections for ED

price varies by dose


*see below

Battery powered vacuum erection device


Eddie by Giddy penile constriction rings


Restorex penile traction device


*Supplements: We carry a number of nutritional supplements. You can view our favorites and purchase
them online for a 10% discount if you visit our Fullscript page. You will be asked to enter your name and email address to open a free account.

Testosterone subscription programs

The Men’s Center has put together monthly TRT/TOT subscription plans that allow us to have testosterone or any of our medications (including erectile dysfunction & prostate medications) & natural supplements sent directly to your home or office monthly.

Patients on subscription plans receive free doctor visits, free labs, and regular check-ins with Jay, our RN, over the phone to be sure that you are seeing the improvement you need.

This allows us to make dosing adjustments on the fly to safely optimize your response.

testosterone optimization program
Per month
Personalized Testosterone Dosing delivered to your home or office
Follow up visits with Dr. Kubinski
Regular check-ins with Jay, our RN, to be sure you are seeing the clinical response we are striving for
All follow up labs needed to be certain we are safely & optimally managing your testosterone levels

Subcutaneous peptide injections are $350 per month. Dosing frequency depends on specific peptide. We will give you detailed written instructions. We can also have peptides compounded in oral forms to be taken daily for $400/month. We can add the peptide of your choice to an existing monthly subscription (such as TRT/TOT) plans for $300/month.

peptide therapy plan
Per month
Peptide of your choice delivered to your home or office
Follow up visits with Dr. Kubinski
Regular check-ins with Jay, our RN, to be sure you are seeing the clinical response we are striving for
All follow up labs included
weight loss

We offer a very hands-on, interactive & effective weight loss plan.

medical weight loss program
$450 Per Month
includes weight loss medication
monthly dose adjustment visits
monthly Inbody Composition Measurement

By relentless demand…because we’ve been getting calls about vasectomies since we opened. And honestly, Dr. K has done them for 18 years & missed doing them. Let’s go!

Vasectomy package
pre-op visit & exam
vasectomy procedure
semen check kit (8-12) weeks post-op
Vasectomy Care Package because we care about your package

The Men’s Center is on the cutting edge of sexual health.

There are a lot more options out there than what you may have previously encountered.

Let us show you what we can do.