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Say Hello to my Little Friends

Pretty much everybody has heard of probiotics, right? Probiotics are bacteria that colonize human (and other mammals) gastro-intestinal tracts.  They can aid in digestion and intestinal health. “Good” bacteria can also prevent more harmful bacteria such as Clostridium difficile (the much maligned “C diff”) from ruling the roost in the gut and really making you sick.

But can gut bacteria have more far-reaching effects? It is very likely.

A promising candidate is called Akkermansia muciniphilia. Studies in mice suggested that this bacterium may delay progression of diabetes and obesity, possibly by increasing GLP-1 levels (think Ozempic or Mounjaro). There is also evidence that A. muciniphilia has immunomodulatory effects, reducing inflammation and development of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  So far, evidence suggests similar potential benefits in humans.

Clinical studies are ongoing and of course more robust, longer-term studies are necessary to support existing evidence and further evaluate for any potential risks.

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