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prostate cancer support group

lowcountry prostate cancer support group

One thing that always surprised me during 17 years of treating prostate cancer was the lack of dependable support groups in the area. I want to change that. Prostate cancer affects 1 in 8 men. Each of you probably knows several men who are currently dealing with it. We are talking about a cancer that is uniquely complicated on many levels and which affects both quantity and quality of life.

 I am forming an inclusive, sympathetic, supportive fraternity of men who want to help each other and benefit from each other: the Lowcountry Prostate Cancer Support Group. 

ALL men are welcome. You DO NOT have to be a patient of ours. That means men who were recently diagnosed and reeling & looking for guidance, men who have been treated & are dealing with the aftermath, men who are concerned about their risk of cancer—frankly, any men. Nobody is immune. Everybody has something to offer. *No spouses for our March 30 meeting, but we do know how important spousal support is and will welcome them to a future meeting.

 Our support group meetings will be here at The Men’s Center. Refreshments will be served. This is going to be primarily you men helping each other. I will be there to answer questions about prostate cancer from an experienced urologist’s perspective. I am happy to do a Q & A or I can just facilitate conversation. Or I can just stand in the corner and watch. It doesn’t really matter to me. I just want a place for men to go & realize that they are not alone in this fight. -Dr. Kubinski *Please fill out the form to the right & put “SUPPORT GROUP” in the subject line if you’d like be to added to our Prostate Cancer Support Group email list. PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE WITH ANYONE WHO MAY NEED SUPPORT. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PATIENT AT THE MEN’S CENTER TO JOIN THIS LOWCOUNTRY PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP.