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patients are saying
David Renslow

Great rapport, along with his professional skills, make for a trusted physician. Dr. Kubinski was patient in my treatment and not hurried to suggest surgery before medication. I am a grateful patient!

Art Titus

Dr. Kubinski did a thorough examination of me and advised that the appropriate protocol was to schedule a couple future blood draws and look for consistencies or inconsistencies before any specific treatments were chosen. The good news is that over 3 + months, PSA results were in the normal range and the earlier test was the fluke.

Daniel Vincent

Dr. Kubinski, is always so easy to talk to. Informative, and helpful. I always feel like I’m talking to a family member.

John Zirpola

Dr. Kubinski has always shown genuine interest in my Health and Well Being. His upbeat character, impeccable follow through make him my 1st choice of all of the Urologists I have experienced over the years.

Fred McCarthy
Down to earth and professional. Excellent communicator. A very good experience in all regards.
Mike Gaskins

Dr. Kubinski is a fabulous Doctor. He was thorough (not in a rush to see his next patient), informative and caring. Highly recommend him!

Colonel JD

I am a retired Army Vet; Dr. Kubinski is the best Urologist who I have seen in my career/life. I have relatively serious issues as a result of deployments and my military service. Dr. K is exceptional. I wish I knew him 8 years ago! Can’t say enough good things about him. Highly recommend.

James Moses

This was my first visit to Dr. Kubinski, as I have transferred my urological follow up of prostate cancer to his office when we moved permanently to Mt. Pleasant from Pennsylvania. I was very pleased with his review of my records, his professionalism, and the program established for future follow up. His office staff was excellent. I am most happy to have established a professional relationship with Dr. Kubinski.

Skip McQuillin

Dr Kubinski is a great doctor. He is a true professional and highly skilled in his speciality. Rather than simply telling me what I needed to do to treat my prostate cancer he gave me homework and a 600 page book to read.  After he helped me become knowledgeable, we had an intelligent conversation about the options and pros and cons. I very much liked his approach.

He is so encouraging and maintains a caring and positive attitude,

I am very pleased with my surgical results and have nothing but positive comments about Dr K.

Frank Collins

Dr Kubiniski is very knowledgeable about prostate cancer. He is very specific and spends the right amount of time explaining all scenarios. I would recommend Dr Kubinski at all costs.

Robert Zimmer

Dr, Kubinski’s advice and prostate operation has changed my life. Instead of having to self-catheterize many times each day, I am now almost back to normal urination and without paid. His predictions about recovery time and how to minimize pain were accurate.
I am very grateful to him…

Herb Ellis

The best physician that I have been associated with in my 81 years. He saved my life when I had cancer.

William Stripling

Where do I start? I cannot say enough fabulous things about Dr. Kubinski. He made me feel so at ease during this entire ordeal. From the first diagnosis, to the final surgery, all went according to plan. A true master in his field. Again, sincere heartfelt thanks.