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By relentless demand…because we’ve been getting calls about vasectomies since we opened. And honestly, Dr. K has done them for 18 years & missed doing them. so Let’s go!

I have always really liked doing vasectomies. I’ve had some great conversations with guys during the ol’ snip. About 15 years ago I actually did one on a car dealer who had sold me a lemon. I found out he was the guy right before I was going to give him the lidocaine shot. Talk about being in a prime negotiating position. I literally had him by the family jewels. We worked something out. Around that time I was in a bowling league in Mount Pleasant. The other guys in the league knew I was a urologist, but I usually wore thrift shop bowling shirts with other names on them. So it confused my office staff when people called looking for Dr. Rocco. But after we got it straight it seemed like I sterilized about a quarter of the league. I always knew they recovered well when they showed up to bowl the following Wednesday and called them if they didn’t. It was great QC. I have shared a number of my other favorite vasectomy stories on our FB and Instagram pages.

Since opening The Men’s Center, I have really missed doing vasectomies. I have snipped a lot of guys over the years and since guys talk about their gonads, we have received innumerable phone calls asking if we were up and running yet. We have always planned on doing them here but wanted to get the non-procedural parts of the practice humming first. We had a lot of other balls in the air, so to speak. We are now ready. Look, no man looks forward to having surgery on his boys. I know I didn’t. But we will strive to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible. Let’s call it a package deal.

Vasectomy FAQ

A vasectomy is a common urologic procedure intended to make a man sterile (unable to have children). It involves dividing and clipping the right and left vas deferens, the small tubes that carry sperm made in the testicles.
Dr. Kubinski may use the old joke “It doesn’t hurt me a bit.” That being said, a vasectomy should be associated with minimal discomfort, with rare exceptions. A vasectomy is done under local anesthesia with an injection of lidocaine through a small needle. Additionally, we will provide you with a prescription for diazepam (Valium) to take about an hour prior to the procedure. This is optional, but we strongly recommend it. It will relax you and make the procedure less stressful and minimize pain.
Of course. But this is rare. The rate of vasectomy failure is about 0.2% (1 in 500).
Following your vasectomy (8-12 weeks later), you MUST send in a semen sample using the kit from Fellow that we provide you. They will examine it and verify that there are no remaining sperm. On occasion, they may ask you to send in a second one at a later date if a few sperm remain. Until you are “cleared”, you should continue to use birth control. The more often you ejaculate after your vasectomy, the more quickly you will clear the remaining sperm. Therefore, your recovery is in your own hands, so to speak.
Of course, as this is a surgical procedure. But serious complications are not common. Besides failure to work, complications include hematoma (a large swollen bruise resulting from bleeding), infection, and pain. These issues usually resolve with time. To minimize risk, you should follow all post-operative recommendations that you are given. One of the most frustrating complications of a vasectomy is chronic pain, which fortunately occurs rarely (1-2%). The cause of this is unclear.
Common sense is important. If your scrotum is painful or swollen, skip your jIu-jitsu practice. More specifically, you should rest for 24 hours, and put off heavy exercise and sex for at least a week. You should be able to do light activity in 2-3 days however. A good strategy is to get your vasectomy right before The Masters or March Madness and really milk it.

Vasectomy Protocol

At the Men’s Center, we always strive for a great patient experience. Your vasectomy package consists of the following:

First visit
You will come in for a brief visit with our RN to be sure we are familiar with your past medical history and medications, and to be sure you are not on any blood thinners. At that time you will sign your consent form and you will be given your antibiotics to start the morning of your vasectomy, as well as a prescription for diazepam and a pain medication if desired. Dr. Kubinski will also see you briefly at that time to do an exam. We want to make sure your vas deferens are easy to feel and there are no anatomic reasons to suspect that your vasectomy should be done in a non-office setting.

“The day”
You will need a ride. Preferably not an Uber. You will take your first antibiotic and diazepam about an hour prior to your vasectomy. Upon arrival Jay will get you comfortable and positioned as well as prepped in our procedure room. The procedure itself should take 20-30 minutes. Dr. Kubinski will be happy to carry out an exhilarating conversation with you during the procedure, but won’t be offended if you decide you would rather put in your earbuds and do your own thing. The surgical site will either have a small tape strip, or absorbable sutures. Please wear supportive underwear (briefs or boxer-briefs). After your procedure you can hang out with us for as long as you want, until you feel ready to
depart. We will send you home with a kit from Fellow so that you can send in a semen sample at 8-12 weeks. After your vasectomy, you are of course welcome to call us with questions or concerns, but you are not required to come back for follow up unless you would like to. (Please see our FAQs about the follow-up semen sample).

The semen check
At 8-12 weeks, it is imperative that you send in a semen sample using your kit from Fellow to verify the absence of sperm. If it is clear, they will email you to give you the good news. If they see any sperm at all, they will send you a second kit to return in 3-4 weeks.

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