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19 years of experience treating men’s health issues

We’re not here to check the boxes.
We’re here to connect the dots.

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Denny Kubinski MD, Founder

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Frank Fredericks
Frank Fredericks
Dr. Kubinski and his staff of Jay and Mac are outstanding! Everyone is super friendly and accommodating. Dr. Kubinski really takes a lot of time to teach and explain every step of the exam as well as the follow up care. I highly recommend Dr. Kubinski and his practice. Update: after just two weeks under Dr. Kubinski’s care, I feel outstanding! Many years, younger, and full of energy and strength!
Adam Ellis
Adam Ellis
What a refreshing experience! I never thought a doctor’s visit could be like my visit to The Men’s Center. It was exactly as advertised. The all male staff was knowledgeable and attentive. Dr. Kubinski is a seasoned doctor who actually spends the necessary time with you to listen and offer his professional advice. Their pricing was transparent - no hidden fees or surprises. And most importantly Dr. Kubinski helped me change my life for the better. Thank you Men’s Center!
Nick Cantatore
Nick Cantatore
The guys were awesome. I was well prepped for the vasectomy and the surgery was a breeze. They followed up and made sure everything was going well afterward. Highly recommend!
Doug Tom
Doug Tom
I got the deed done here...the ol' snip snip. Was fantastic value. Super easy and made sure I was fully prepped and ready. Best of all, there has been minimal pain and discomfort, so my crown jewels were indeed in good hands by Dr K. This center is fantastic and highly recommended for any/all men's health. Big plus is that Dr K is into longevity and optimizing health and we discussed Peter Attia's work and podcast and all the latest and greatest information to get you feeling and living great. Extra credit for all the cool posters and hangout room in the office.
Charlton Davis
Charlton Davis
Dr. Kubinski did a robotic prostatectomy in January 2017 on me. The recovery was uneventful. I like Dr. Kubinski because he met with me and explained my options before the surgery. There was no pressure exerted on me to do surgery. He is an excellent surgeon and has a good bedside manner.
Jay Gill
Jay Gill
I had my 1st appointment this Wednesday and it was the fast track appointment that is for 15 minutes. He prescribed me viagra as needed and a daily low dose of Cialis. It’s only Day 3 and last night was our anniversary. My wife and I are lost for words because WWOOOWW. I feel great, no headaches, no nothing except for that feeling inside of me that I got when I first meet my wife. Thank you Doc D and Jay for changing our lives and making us feel like we are 20 again!!
Shannon S
Shannon S
Highly recommend Dr. Kubinski and his team at The Men’s Center. They have taken such great care of my husband and focus on his overall health and wellness. Plus they do vasectomies! He said it was quick and (almost) painless! 🤩
Update: At this point, I can also add that if you are ready for a vasectomy, I can't imagine a better place for it. As a surgeon, I've seen a lot of different outpatient processes, and The Men's Center is doing it perfectly. I was well informed of all aspects of the procedure beforehand, the process was smooth, and recovery was uneventful and a breeze. Dr. Kubinski’s passion for personalized care and his years of experience in men’s health and urology are a perfect combination. Jay and Mack are also perfect in their roles, and have created an environment in which any patient will feel comfortable and welcome. The Men’s Clinic is fully engaged in the process of helping men get healthy and feel better. As a result, I feel better than I have in a long time. I fully intend to use their other services, like vasectomy, in the near future.
J. Michael Salley
J. Michael Salley
I am truly BLESSED by the amazing journey that I have traveled in "OVERCOMING" prostate cancer, since being diagnosed with it back in 2020. GOD placed me under the care of the most wonderfully professional and caring Urologist/Surgeon, Dr. Dennis Kubinski, who I have come to just simply LOVE. I am so excited for his Men's Center and the Support Group that meets there. After attending my first meeting last Thursday, I am grateful to fellowship with other MEN who have also traveled the path that I have. Whenever MEN can have the "intimate" conversations about our health issues, they always lead to POWERFUL and POSITIVE outcomes for us. I applaud and pray for what DR. K is doing at The Men's Center, it is truly a unique and well thought out approach to dealing with prostate cancer, it's treatment, and a successful recovery approach, they have really got this RIGHT, GOD bless them and all the MEN who are connected to the Center. Dr. K, Jay and Matt are truly my "Homeboys", lol!!!!!
Denny is very knowledgeable and helpful . Seeing him first if you have any questions about your prostate can get you started in the right direction .

men's health clinic in charleston, sc

The Men’s Center offers an innovative & personalized approach to men’s health, specializing in sexual, prostate, and hormonal concerns. Led by board-certified urologist Dr. Denny Kubinski with 19+ years of experience in men’s health, The Men’s Center in Charleston provides treatments for erectile dysfunction, testosterone management, prostate issues, longevity, & much more. An all-male staff prioritizes patient comfort & understanding, creating a discreet environment for men seeking to improve their health and well-being. The Men’s Center has the tools and Dr. Kubinski has the expertise to help men feel & perform better.

our services

Erectile Dysfunction

testosterone management (TRT, LOW T)

sexual health & sexual dysfunction

premature ejaculation


prostate health

prostate cancer coaching

low libido, endurance or energy

Men's Health & Longevity

Decreased muscle mass

Shockwave for E.D.

Peptide Therapy for ED

Rx medications - no pharmacy necessary! ​

medical weight management

wide selection of men's health supplements

in-house bloodwork (no labs!)

It's common to accept that many of these issues simply "come with age." That may be true, but it doesn't mean we can't do something about it.

we can.

we do things differently at the men's center

unrushed appointments

In his previous practice, Dr. Kubinski saw 24-30 patients a day.  At The Men's Center, he sees 6 patients a day. Gone are the days of 10 minute visits & he couldn't be happier about that.

All male
clinical staff

The Men's Center is a comfortable (& very cool) space designed for men. You might not want to leave. Dr. Kubinski and Jay, his RN, are skilled, discreet & excellent at what they do.

doctor-patient relationship

A doctor-patient relationship unencumbered by red tape, insurance demands & time constraints. Plus, you're actually SEEN by a doctor--not just OVERSEEN by one.

Dr. Kubinski has extensive experience treating sexual dysfunction, Low Testosterone, and prostate issues including enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.

All of these issues are intertwined,
making safe and responsible management of testosterone optimization critical.

The men's center Utilizes conventional medicines as well as alternative medicines for prostate health, an integrative approach that is particularly important for patients on testosterone supplementation.
Life can be hard.
you can be too.
The men’s center is an integrative men’s health clinic in charleston, SC. 
we’re different. come see why.
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